Financial Aid & Student Loans


Canada Student Loans

Canada Student Loans are loans offered by the Government of Canada to help students pay for college and university education for “a designated college, university, or other post-secondary institution”. NAU Canada Online is listed on the International Master List of Designated Educational Institutions under National American University (code MPDZ). Canada Student Loan amounts and eligibility are determined by the student’s province or territory.

Scholarships, bursaries and grants

Scholarships are usually awarded based on academic merit or other achievements, rather than financial need. Bursaries and grants are based primarily on an individual’s financial needs, but may involve other selection criteria such as extracurricular activities, community involvement and leadership.

Private Loans

Many private banking institutions offer postsecondary education loans. These are very similar to other bank loans in that the borrower is expected to make monthly interest payments. In cases where students are deemed ineligible for government student loans but still need financial assistance to cover the costs of education, private financing options can fill the gap.