Cybersecurity and Forensics Emphasis IT Online Bachelor’s Degree


The Information Security emphasis in Cybersecurity and Forensics online bachelor’s degree prepares students to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of a system. Digital forensics courses will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital forensics investigation tools and techniques, and the collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence. Graduates will have an in-depth understanding of threats, risks, and attacks, and the technologies, policies and procedures to mitigate information system threats.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Support the data management needs of business through the design, implementation, and maintenance of relational databases.
  • Collaborate with constituents to establish the information technology needs of a business and plan an appropriate solution and procurement strategy.
  • Demonstrate the use of project management techniques within an appropriate system analysis and design life cycle framework to develop an information system.
  • Solve a variety of business problems through the application of structured program analysis and design concepts.
  • Apply ethical decision-making models in the information technology environment.
  • Analyze and assess computer attack models.
  • Protect information assets through the implementation of security models and standards.

Course Listing (180 Credits)

CI1320     Computer Concepts

CI1420   Principles of Programming

CI2011   Introduction to Database

CI2211   Internetworking Fundamentals

CI2440   Introduction to Computer Security

CI3010   Linux

CI3070   Human-Computer Interaction—User-Centered Design

CI3140   Systems Architecture

CI3155   Computer Ethics

CI3310   Website and Web Application Design

CI4220/ MT4230   Project Management

CI4221   Systems Analysis and Design

CI4223   Integrative Systems Project

MT1050   Introduction to Business

CI3680   Java Programming

CI3710   Internet Security

CI3715   Cybercrime and Information Systems

CI3725   Network Security

CI3730   Computer Forensics

CI4710   Forensic Methods

CI3000+   Elective

6000DC+ or Elective

6000DC+ or Elective

6000DC+ or Elective



Available for block transfer.


EN1150   Composition I


SC Science Electives


Humanities Electives

Behavioral/Social Science

Behavioral/Social Science Electives


(Course-by-course transfer)


EN1300   Composition II

EN2100   Speech OR
EN2150   Interpersonal Professional Communication

EN3050   Technical Communications


MA2000   Quantitative Reasoning

MA3000   Business Statistics

General Education

CS1201   Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success! OR
CS1203     Bridge to Success: Creating your future at NAU

CS1301   Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success

CS2086   Career Path Planning

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.