Business Administration Online Bachelor’s Degree



The online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree program from NAU Canada Online will provide you with the knowledge base and strategic mind-set you need to succeed in a business career. This Bachelor of Science degree prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities in for-profit and nonprofit business organizations and governmental institutions. This program is also an excellent foundation if you choose to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

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Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Overview

The business world becomes more dynamic every day, and the online business administration degree program reflects that.

  • Apply the principal concepts, theories, practices, and interrelationships in management accounting, financial accounting, marketing, finance, and management
  • Apply concepts and principles related to the international dimensions of business
  • Analyze management challenges and recommend solutions, using critical thinking skills and ethical decision-making models
  • Communicate effectively and in a professional manner

Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Classes and Curriculum

The online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree program consists of 180 total credits. You will take major core, option core, open electives, and general education core courses.

Business Administration Core

91.5 credits

Open Electives

22.5 credits

General Education Core

66 credits

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of courses.

Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Concentrations

The online Business Administration degree program offers 11 concentrations, allowing you to choose your interests and career path.

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Culture, Change, and Conflict
  • Security Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

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Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Tuition and Fees

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Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Career Outcomes

The online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree program prepares you for an entry-level career in the field of business. You will develop the skills to work in a variety of industries.

Entry-level business jobs include:

  • Sales Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Human Resource Specialist

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Online Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree?

  • Entry-level job seekers: The online Business Administration bachelor’s degree is a great first step if you want an entry-level business job. Employers look for certain business skills and experiences you will gain from a business program.
  • Professionals ready for a career change: Are you a professional ready for a career change? Maybe you want to switch industries or move into a management role. If so, the Business Administration bachelor’s degree program gives you the flexibility you need.

Course Listing (180 Credits)

AC1060     Principles of Accounting I

AC1160     Principles of Accounting II

AC1260     Principles of Accounting III

EC2050     Macroeconomics

EC2100     Microeconomics

FN6350     Financial Management OR
FN3000     Business Finance I

MG6500     Marketing Administration OR
MG3000     Marketing

MT1050     Introduction to Business

MT2050     Principles of Management

MT3050     Human Resource Management

MT3500     Managing Information Systems

CI 3510

MT6255     Introduction to Leadership and Quality OR
MT4200    Business Ethics

MT4441     Business Review Lab

MT4450     Strategic Management

OM3000     Operations Management

3000+ Elective
AC, EC, FN, LA, MG, MT, OL or OM courses


EN1150     Composition I


SC Science Electives


HU2000     Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

HU Humanities Elective

Behavioral/Social Science

Behavioral/Social Science Electives


EN1300     Composition II

EN2100     Speech OR
EN2150     Interpersonal Professional Communication

EN3050     Technical Communications


MA2000     Quantitative Reasoning

MA3000     Business Statistics

General Education

CS1201     Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success! OR
CS1203     Bridge to Success:  Creating Your Future at NAU

CS1301     Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success

CS2086     Career Path Planning

Specialty Courses

AC3050     Intermediate Accounting I

AC3100     Intermediate Accounting II

AC3150     Intermediate Accounting III

AC3400     Federal Income Tax I

AC3450     Federal Income Tax II

AC3560     Accounting Information Systems

MT3550     Entrepreneurship and Small Business

MT3600     Strategic Entrepreneurship

MT3650     Business Plan Development

MT4140     Innovation, Creativity, & New Product Development

MT4240     International Entrepreneurship

Required Courses:

FN3010     Business Finance II

FN4055     Financial Institutions and Markets

Choose Five of the Below:

FN3050     Investments and Portfolio Management

FN3060     Corporate Investment Decisions

FN3100     Risk Management and Insurance

FN3200     Financial Statement Analysis

FN3600     International Financial Management

FN4500     Financial Case Analysis

FN4800     Finance Internship

EC3100     International Economics

FN3600     International Financial Management

MG3300     International Marketing

MT3000     International Business

MT3200     International Management

MT3230     Employment Law

MT4300     Management Across Cultures

MT3000+     Management Elective

MT3000+     Management Elective

MT3000+     Management Elective

Required Courses:

CI1320     Computer Concepts

CI1420     Principles of Programming

CI2011     Introduction to Database

CI4220     Project Management

CI4221     Systems Analysis and Design

Choose One of the Below:

CI2040     C# Programming

CI2211     Internetworking Fundamentals

CI3010     Website and Web App Design

CI3091     Database Design and Management

MG3050     Marketing Management

MG3350     Social Media Marketing

MG3500     Consumer Behavior

MG4150     Marketing Research

MG3000+     Marketing Elective

MGT380     Conflict Resolution

OL4100     Organizational Culture and Leadership

OL4300     Organizational Development and Change

MGT380     Conflict Resolution

MGT405     Consequence Management

SEC366     Managing the Security Organization

OM3025D     Logistics and Transportation Management

OM3050D     Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

OM3200D     Marketing and Distribution Channels

OM3400D     Manufacturing Planning and Control

OM4100D     Quality Management in the Supply Chain

OM4500D     Strategic Supply Chain Management

TM3000     Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

TM3100     Event and Convention Management

TM3300     Destination Tourism

TM3400     Food Service and Lodging Management

TM4300     Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

TM4500     Tourism and Hospitality Management Internship

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.