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Are you planning to study your degree online? There are a few things you need to know before you begin…

If you’re used to studying in a traditional classroom or on-campus, you might be unsure about what to expect from studying online. But there’s no need to be concerned – you’ll find it easier to adjust than you think!

And to help you out, we’ve put together a run-down of the 4 things every student needs to know about studying online:

1. Adapting to online learning is easier than you think

Most folks are used to learning in a physical classroom – where you’re surrounded by the resources you need, are taught face-to-face by your professors and can interact with the other students around you. Online learning is a little different!

But it’s actually easy enough to adapt your learning style and skill set to an online course. All you have to do is prepare yourself beforehand.

Before you begin your studies: Take time to do some research on the best ways to learn online and brush up on your skills by reading articles on study tips (like this one about writing better essays). Be patient with yourself as you adjust in the beginning, and you’ll soon find learning online feels natural!

2. You’ll need to make sure you understand the tech requirements

When you’re earning a degree online, the technology you use becomes a vital part of your studies. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be “tech-savvy” to complete your degree successfully.

Again, preparation and patience are key here – using new software can feel a little “weird” in the beginning, but it quickly becomes normal as you adjust. Remember how odd it feels at first when you use a new laptop, and how fast you get used to it? Same situation!

Before you begin your studies: Check out which online tools and software you’ll be using for your studies – you’ll want to make sure your computer is compatible with them. And make sure you know who you can reach out to at your online university if you’re having problems with the online learning software.

3. You’ll become an expert at managing your time

Many students choose online learning because they need to fit their studies around a job or family commitments. And that means staying organized is vital.

The key to staying on top of your studies and coursework deadlines is making sure you stay organized and set aside time to study every week. And the great thing about studying with NAU Canada Online is you can choose how many modules you take – so you can pick a workload which suits your schedule.

Before you begin your studies: Create a study plan. This means adding important coursework deadlines to your calendar and blocking off a set chunk of time each day/week to do your studies in, among other things. There’s a step-by-step guide you can follow here.

4. There IS still a social aspect to studying online

Social life is a big part of studying! And although your social activities might not involve house parties and nightclubs, that social connection does still happen if you’re a student online.

Making your studies social as an online student is easy enough if you use social networks. All you have to do connect with your classmates on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Before you begin your studies: Start a chat group with your classmates where you can support each other, answer questions, or just share cat memes. And you can even see if any of your classmates live near you, and organize a meetup to study together!

Online learning has plenty of advantages

There are big benefits to studying online – like flexibility, convenience and accessibility. And did we mention the lower costs? If you’re interested in learning more about taking your degree online, have a look through the resources on this website or call us on 855.210.5641

What Every Student Needs To Know Before Starting An Online Degree