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There are so many useful apps you can download to make your life as a student easier.

That’s right – although lots of articles about studying will tell you to spend less time on your phone, we think you should use your phone more!

Need an app for taking notes? We’ve got you covered. Need an app to help you stay on top of deadlines? No problem! Need an app for managing your finances, food shopping or social life? Consider it done.

Have a read through this list, and then pick the apps which sound most useful to you:

1. To help you stay organized…

Staying organized can be hard – there’s just so much to keep track of! These are two apps which could help:

1) Studious – an Android app which acts like a homework planner and class schedule. You just have to input your subjects, timetable and any deadlines/exams. Then, the app sends you a notification to remind you when you have a class starting or a deadline coming up.

2) iStudiez – an app for Android and iOS which helps you keep track of your class timetable and deadlines. All you have to do is enter your schedule, exam dates and assignment deadlines to start with, and the app will remind you when you have something due. Plus, it integrates with your existing calendar apps (like Google Calendar).

2. To help you study and revise…

If you’re looking for a more interesting way to take notes or a more dynamic way to learn, these three apps could be exactly what you’re looking for:

1) XMind – an iOS app which is built for creating mind maps and brainstorming ideas. It’s the perfect way for visual learners to take notes. And, for other learners, turning your existing notes into mind maps can be a great way to revise!

2) Simplemind – an app available for iOS and Android, helps you create a visual map of the coursework project you’re putting together. You can use on of the pre-loaded autolayouts or start completely from scratch – and you can even add notes to your mindmaps as you go.

3) GoConqr – a study app with a difference for Android and iOS. It’s more than just a great tool for making flash cards or charts, taking notes, and creating quizzes – it also gives you the ability to collaborate with friends and classmates.

3. To help you with your finances…

We all know that being a student means living on a student budget – so with that mind, try picking one of these two apps to help you handle your finances:

1) Mint – a budgeting app for Android and iOS, makes it easy to keep track of your spending while you’re out and about. It also helps you create a realistic budget, by showing you all your bank accounts in one place. And it makes managing your bills easier, by reminding you when they’re due and giving you the ability to schedule payments.

2) Goodbudget – another budgeting app for Android and iOS, with a slightly different system. This app helps you manage your finances by dividing your money into digital envelopes – like Rent, Entertainment, Food and Transport. You simply assign yourself a set budget for each envelope…and then stick to it!

4. To help you eat healthy, exercise and wake up on time…

Balancing your finances isn’t the only part of adulting an app can help with – and these four apps are some of our favorites:

1) Zombies, Run! – a fitness app for iOS and Android which is pretty much the greatest way to make your runs more interesting. It puts you right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, with pre-recorded audios and storylines. If anything can make you look forward to exercising, this can!

2) Mealboard – a healthy eating app for iOS which you can use for meal planning, making shopping lists and browsing recipes. Plus, you can also use it to keep track of what’s in your fridge and kitchen cupboards.

3) Sleep Cycle – an alarm clock app for Android and iOS with a new take on the ideal wake up time. You set yourself a window of time to wake up in. Then, the app tracks your sleep cycles and wakes you up when you’re in the lightest stage of sleep. So you wake up feeling rested and refreshed instead of groggy and exhausted!

5. To help you meet new friends…

If you’re looking to connect with new friends in your area while you’re studying online, there are a few apps which can help. (No, not including Tinder.) Here are our top two:

1) Meetup – available on both iOS and Android, this is an events app for cities across the world. Residents can start and join groups based on a shared interest (like yoga or comic books). When you sign up, you can join any group you desire and attend events to meet like-minded people in your area!

2) Skout – is an app for meeting new people, available for Android and iOS. You can use it meet other users who are near you: it works based on shared locations, and also shared interests.

Are you thinking about studying online?

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The Best Student Apps for Studying, Productivity, Finance and More