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Question 1 of 5.

1. We say: commuting. You say…

1. I really don’t like commuting. It takes up too much time.
2. Meh, I don’t mind it.
3. I like it - time to read, listen to the news...
Question 2 of 5.

2) When would be your ideal time to study?

1. During the day, like in high school.
2. Whenever, really.
3. Late at night, in the morning before work, or even on the way to work sometimes.
Question 3 of 5.

3. Would you rather study with a fixed timetable or be able to choose your own pace?

1. A fixed timetable (inflexible class hours, deadlines, etc).
2. Both are good, I guess.
3. Learning at my own pace (choosing how fast/slow I do a course)
Question 4 of 5.

4. Which one sounds most like you?

1. I can organize my life (work, hobbies, family) around being in school each day
2. I can organize my studying around school or work, either way works.
3. I want to organize my studying around my life (work, family, hobbies)
Question 5 of 5.

5. Imagine being able to study from anywhere: on your couch, at a coffee shop or on the beach…

1. Sounds great, but being on campus helps me concentrate
2. Okay, that does sound good
3. Studying on a beach, yes please!

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Quiz: Should You Study Online?