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You’ll need to choose more than just the subject when it comes to your degree – you’ll also need to decide if you want to study full time or part time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to study a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or master’s degree: at NAU Canada Online, you’ll always have the option to choose your course load. And that flexibility means you can pick the amount of academic work which suits you best.

But it can be tricky to know how many modules you should take! To help you choose the best course load for you, try and answer these three questions…

1) How much time do you have free to study?

Be realistic about this – you’ll need to factor in any other commitments you have, plus a little time to relax, too!

Are you working? Then your studies will have to fit around your job. That’s no problem – plenty of other students have done the same. Just remember that you’ll also need to leave yourself time free to sleep, eat and socialize.

Do you have a family? You can still study successfully, and many parents balance their studies with work as well! But don’t jampack your schedule too much – you’ll need to leave yourself a little wiggle room, in case the kids are sick or you need to put in overtime at work.

Have a think about how many hours you have free each week, and then choose the number of modules you take accordingly. Remember, you can always increase the amount of modules you’re taking!

2) How much can you afford to pay each year?

As well as thinking about how much time you have free, you’ll also need to think about your budget.

You’ll still have financial help available to you as an online student. As a Canadian, studying at NAU Canada Online means you’re eligible to apply for Canada Student Loans. There’s more information on loan amounts and grants here.

And if you’re wondering how much getting a degree costs, you’ll find a full financial overview for studying with NAU Canada Online on our website. Luckily, studying online is a more affordable option than on-campus studies, and this article explains why.

Take into account any loans/grants you might get – plus the price of the textbooks you’ll need to buy – then calculate how many modules you can afford to take each year, without breaking the bank!

3) How soon do you want to graduate?

There’s no way around it: studying full time will mean you graduate faster than studying part time.

But there’s no rush to graduate! At NAU Canada Online, there are no deadlines for graduation, so you can study at your own pace. Which means that there’s no time pressure, except for the pressure you put on yourself.

On the other hand, you might have personal reasons you want to complete your degree more quickly. Maybe you’ll be cutting down your work hours to make time for your studies, and you need to get back to full time work asap. Or maybe you’re just in a hurry to graduate and start a career!

Ask yourself if graduating more quickly is important to you – if it does, then a full-time degree is the way to go.

4) How motivated are you to study?

It’s time to stop and think about how much you actually want to study…

If you’re going to study full time, you’ll need to be motivated! You’ll be spending roughly 40 hours per week on your studies – which is 40 hours you won’t be able to spend playing with your cat, watching Netflix or hanging out with your friends and family.

So if your hobbies and family time are a really important part of your life, then consider studying part time instead. It’s important to enjoy your studies, after all!

Be honest with yourself about how much time you really want to spend studying (there’s no wrong answer!) and then choose a course load which matches your motivation.

Are you ready to start studying online?

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Part-Time Vs Full-Time Study: Which Should You Choose?