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Online Master of Science.

Global Supply Chain Management

The online Master of Science, Emphasis: Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) degree program positions graduates to identify opportunities for collaboration with customers and suppliers, exploit technology, advance efficiencies, and enable organizations to realize the full potential and capabilities of their supply chains.

Global Supply Chain Management (MS) coursework focuses on supply chain management issues in areas such as international supply chain system design, managing supply chain and logistic technologies, managing global supply chain operations, supply chain quality, Lean Six Sigma, and risk management.

Global Supply Chain Management (MS) Core Courses

The MSGSCM degree program consists of nine (9) core courses and one capstone course for a total of 45.0 credit hours:

  • International Supply Chain System Design
  • Principles of Financial Analysis and Decision Strategies
  • Domestic and International Ethics, Law, and Contracts
  • Manage Supply Chain and Logistic Technologies
  • Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
  • Manage Global Supply Chain Operations
  • Pricing, Cost, and Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Quality and Lean Six Sigma
  • Domestic and Global Industry Analysis
  • Manage Global Logistics and Distribution

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Perform financial analysis to support supply chain management decision strategies.
  • Evaluate supply chain management decisions using domestic and international legal requirements and ethical models.
  • Recommend the adoption of supply chain and logistics technologies across the entire supply chain system.
  • Create quality improvement and risk management strategies to mitigate risk and ensure efficiency and effectiveness across global supply chain operations.
  • Complete a research project in the supply chain management field to demonstrate acquired knowledge and skills.

Career Outlook in Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Manager: $100,000
  • Director of Supply Chain Management: $124,000

Common Occupations of Graduates

  • Logistician
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Integrated Programs Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Inventory Manager
  • Supply Chain Planner

Source: PayScale

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