Doctor of Strategic Security



Gain the strategic and practical knowledge to counter threats to a safe and secure environment.

Today, security environments evolve quickly and demand strategic thinkers equipped with the confidence and problem-solving skills to lead their organizations safely and securely into the future.

NAU offers a 100% online Doctor of Strategic Security program that expands the boundaries of the traditional security studies program, to educate the mid-and senior-level government, corporate, and defense industry professionals on how to ensure organizations thrive in a safe and secure environment. Specialized industry-relevant coursework centers around what you need to forestall reasonable and probable threats to organizational long-term or essential aims and interests. As you focus on your education which is designed to provide practical working knowledge to thwart threats to meet organizational goals, our team of professionals will help you with the individualized attention needed to reach your own.

The online Doctor of Strategic Security degree from National American University’s Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security equips you with the confidence and global perspective you need to successfully lead your organization through today’s complex strategic and security challenges.

Online Doctor of Strategic Security Degree Overview

This 100% online DSS program will provide you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and insights you need to address emerging threat-based challenges to protect others, organizations, and the global strategic environment. You’ll learn how to make a positive impact on the safety and security of others from experts in the field including instructors and guest speakers. This unique program is focused on deterring and preventing threats to safety and security while also providing you the opportunity to engage with faculty and experts who share their practical and relevant real-world experiences and solutions.
As a graduate you’ll be able to:

  • Produce quantitative and qualitative research at the theoretical, strategic, operational, and tactical levels
  • Develop a conceptual framework that incorporates the key variables of the security environment in order to prevent and forestall emerging threats
  • Assess information, approaches, criticality, viability, systems, resources, and cultures necessary for engaging issues in strategic security
  • Appraise the character, communications, organizations, influences, and technologies associated with strategic management leadership relevant to promoting effective security outcomes
  • Effectively communicate key concepts and ideas in verbal, non-verbal, and written forms to influence diverse audiences and decision-makers in strategic security

Doctor of Strategic Security Degree Classes and Curriculum

The Doctor of Strategic Security degree program consists of three phase requirements: major core courses, a comprehensive exam, and dissertation research. These classes total 90 quarter credits

Major Core

67.5 credits

Dissertation Research

3 Essays

Additional Courses

22.5 credits

You are estimated to complete your Doctor of Strategic Security degree within five years of beginning the program, however many students complete it within three years.

Online Doctor of Strategic Security Degree Prerequisite Requirements

  • A master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree and 45 graduate-level quarter credits (30 semester hours) in strategic security or related field.
  • Five years of documented work experience in a security-related field or letter of recommendation from a professional attesting to the applicant’s leadership potential.
  • Participation in a verbal interview with the dean of the DSS program (or a designee).
  • A writing sample or the completion of a timed writing assessment.
  • Note: GRE scores will not be required


Online Doctor of Strategic Security Tuition and Fees

  • Regular tuition: $404.00*
  • Military tuition: $370.00*
  • Fees: $75.00*
  • Matriculation: $200.00*

*Per credit hour

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Online Doctor of Strategic Security Career Outcomes

The online Doctor of Strategic Security program prepares you to deal with the threats to personal or organizational safety and security. You will develop advanced skills in areas such as intelligence analysis, counterterrorism techniques, change management, and ethical decision making, and you will also learn how to create security strategies and policies to help your organization reach its long-range or essential objectives. Most importantly, you will demonstrate to employers that you have the skills to effectively lead security teams in any operational environment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Online Doctor of Strategic Security?

  • Current mid-and senior-level professionals: If you are a security professional ready to advance your career at your organization, the online DSS program is a great fit. You will develop the skills and knowledge you need to address all kinds of threats in most any industry or professional environment.
  • Future professionals: If you are able to collect and analyze data, think through solutions, provide insights, and make bias-free recommendations to decision-makers on threats against organizational goals, then this may be the degree for you. If you want to start a career as a strategic security professional and are excited to develop highly marketable skills valued in every field, the online DSS program can help you achieve your goals.

Course Listing

DSS700     Advanced Strategic Security Analysis and Critique
DSS710     Advanced Counterterrorism Research Methods
DSS720     Strategic Security Information Literacy
DSS730     Applied Research Methodology
DSS740     Topics in the History of Strategic Security
DSS750     Briefings, De-briefings, and Presentations
DSS760     Advanced Leadership and Management
DSS770     Case Studies in Intelligence Regulation and Reform
DSS780     The Strategic Intelligence Process and Policy
DSS790     The Strategic Security Community
DSS800     Protection and Operations Management
DSS810     Advanced Business Communications
DSS820     Advanced Research in Terrorism/Counterterrorism
DSS830     Intelligence Practicum
DSS840     Protection Practicum

Doctoral practicum courses DSS830 Intelligence Practicum and DSS840 Protection Practicum may be substituted for upcoming internship work or upcoming student-employee projects related to strategic security.

DSS851     Directed Dissertation Research I
DSS852     Directed Dissertation Research II
DSS853     Directed Dissertation Research III
DSS854     Directed Dissertation Research IV
DSS855     Directed Dissertation Research V

Specialty Courses

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.