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“What are you going to do after you graduate high school?” That’s a question you’ve likely been asked a lot by curious relatives, friends and bus drivers. And it’s something most students spend a lot of time thinking about, too.

For some folks, the answer is clear. They’ve been dreaming about being a doctor/ teacher/ human resources manager for as long as they can remember. But for others, the answer isn’t so clear cut – if this is you, your response to the question is usually “Ummm…” followed by an awkward silence.

So if you’re still trying to decide on your career, we have a few pieces of advice to help you. These are the five things you need to know:

1. Follow your passions (or at least, your interests)

You’ve probably heard this piece of advice before – and that’s because it’s a good one!

Pursuing what you’re passionate about can make for a highly fulfilling career. So if you know what your passion is, then go for it! But if “following your passion” seems intimidating or confusing, then focusing on something you’re enthusiastic about is a good place to start.

Is there something you’re studying right now which has captured your interest? Or maybe there’s a hobby which takes up every minute of your spare time? Have a think about the answers to these questions. They’ll give you clue about what your passion could potentially be.

2. Know your skills and strengths

A great way to increase your chances of career success is to pick something you’ll most likely be good at.

What skills do you have? These can be degree-related skills like financial management, teaching and logistics. And they can be “soft skills’ like communication and teamwork, too.

Draw up a list of your skills and strengths – you can ask friends/family members for help. And then do some research to find potential careers which involve these skills.

3. Pick a career which suits your values

Thinking about your values can help you narrow down your career choices.

If helping others is important to you, then a career like nursing or working for a charity organization can be a good fit. And if you value spending lots of time with friends/family, then a career with long office hours and lots of overtime won’t suit you.

Take a moment to pin down what your values are and what kinds of career will match them.

4. Talk to someone with experience

Maybe you have a career or two…or three or four…which you’re interested in pursuing. But you just can’t pick between them!

The best way to get over this dilemma is to talk to people who have experience in these areas. They’ll be able to give you an inside perspective and answer your questions – so you’ll be able to figure out if this is a career you’re really interested in.

And when you’re studying with NAU Canada Online you’ll have an entire career staff who can help you make your career choice, too.

5. You can always change careers

This is something most students don’t think about – you can always change career, if you want to.

That might involve switching into a different but related field. Or, it might involve going back to school to upgrade your skill set before making the switch. Either way, making a career change later in life is entirely possible – lots of folks have done it successfully.

And knowing this should take some of the pressure off choosing a career. You can always choose again if your interests change as time goes on!

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