Thinking of going back to school?

The idea can seem a little intimidating, especially if you’ll be older than most of the other students and it’s been a while since you studied.

That’s why taking a degree online could be perfect for you.

There’s no physical classroom, so you won’t feel out of place. And studying online is more flexible, so you can fit your studies around work and family commitments.

Here are 6 more great reasons you should start learning again as a mature student:

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1. You’ll be making a choice which can help you advance your career

Were you eyeing up the promotion that went to Brian from Accounting? Do you find yourself daydreaming about a better job?

If you’re looking to level up your career, getting a degree is a step in the right direction. It gives your employers solid proof of your experience, knowledge and skills, having the right credentials is important if you want to get a higher-level position. Plus, investing in yourself shows dedication to your career goals (which is a trait employers love).

No matter how far you are into your career, there’s no reason you can’t take your career development into your own hands. And an online degree is an effective and affordable way to do this.

2. You’ll be helping yourself stand out from other job applicants… if you have the right specialization

It’s no secret the job market is highly competitive – so what can you do to stand out from all the young university graduates who are after the same job as you?

The key here isn’t just taking a degree, it’s all about choosing the right specialization. By choosing a specialization which targets your dream career, you’ll ensure you stand out from the piles of applicants. Plus, you’ll be able to add to the career-related experience you already have and strengthen your skill-set.

There are different specializations available for many of the online degrees here, so read up on the majors available.

3. You’ll be able to confidently choose the right degree for you

Unlike the wide-eyed undergraduates who’ve just finished high school, you actually have enough life experience to make a good degree choice.

After all, you’ve had the chance to get to know yourself better. And you likely have more clarity about what you hope to achieve by earning your degree. Which means you’re in a better position to choose a degree that helps you meet your long-term goals.

As cliche as it sounds, being older really does mean being wiser – so use that to your advantage!

4. You’ll make your career change much easier (and more successful)

Yes, switching to an entirely different industry is challenging. But you can make it easier.

If you’re considering a career change, taking an online degree in your new profession is a good first step. You’ll be able find out if this new area really is a good fit for you – if you don’t enjoy the degree, chances are you won’t enjoy the career either. Plus, it’ll show potential employers that you’re serious about your career swap.

There’s no need to stay stuck in a career and industry you hate – with the help of an online degree, you can retrain and pursue your dream job.

5. You’ll find taking care of your finances easier

Utility bills, rent, healthcare, new clothes, pizza…

The costs of living add up – and by earning a degree, you’ll qualify for higher-paid positions were having a degree is a basic requirement. Plus, actually paying for a degree is much more affordable when you choose to study online.

If you want to find out more about taking a degree online without breaking the bank, check out the finances section on our website.

6. You’ll be actively creating the life you want

You’re entirely capable of pursuing your passions and going after the career/income you want.

Taking an online degree is often the first step towards much bigger changes, and it’s never too late to start studying. There’s no need to put limits on yourself based on your age or lack of experience: plenty of people have taken a degree as mature students or after a break from studying.

You are entirely capable of successfully completing an online degree – and using it as a stepping stone to create the life you want.

If you’re ready to start studying online…

You can apply for your online undergraduate degree by filling out a Student Application for Admission here.

And you’ll then be assigned a personal enrollment advisor to guide you through the rest of the application process.

And if you have doubts or question? Feel free to call us on 855.210.5641, we’ll be happy to talk to you!

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6 Reasons Why you Should Go Back to School