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Look at your current situation. Think that getting a degree and living the life you deserve is merely a dream something only possible with more time and more money?

Then you’ll be happy to know NAU has helped thousands of students- from all backgrounds and experience levels- for the last 75 years get the careers they wanted.

Even if they had children to watch, even if they were working full-time, even if an extra $20 in groceries put them on the verge of missing rent. Every single one of them were given an opportunity.

There’s a better version of your current work story, and we’ll ensure you take the right steps to experience it.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers, move up faster in your current one, or just enjoy a healthier financial future, keep on reading. We’re about to help you improve your life.

That’s because NAU offers over 60 programs at 35+ locations and online. At NAU, we believe that everyone deserves an education, which is why we have an open enrollment policy. Anyone who wants to learn and meets the admissions requirements has an opportunity here. We also believe in flexibility, which is why we offer online degree programs.

As a Canadian student, all your studies will be conducted from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Whether you’re an adult learner, a transfer student, or someone just starting we want to help you get the education you deserve. The college admissions team at NAU is dedicated to helping students through the enrollment/admissions process and program selection. By providing one-on-one attention, our admissions team helps to ensure that NAU and the chosen program is the right fit.

To apply for an undergraduate degree at NAU, you must:

View details on our undergraduate admissions requirements here. You can also learn more about our graduate studies programs and admissions requirements.

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