Information Technology

Play An Integral Role In The Brains Of Any Business And Get Rewarded

Your respected new skills come courtesy of your online IT degree

It’s busy, but you can’t help but grin knowing how much the company’s smooth day-to-day functioning depends on your knowledge. From managing your employer’s computer network, to safeguarding vital databases, and setting up the new hire’s work station, all roads ultimately lead through your expertise. But this isn’t a 10-year dream, you’re much closer to this life than you might think.

With NAU Canada Online’s focused Information Technology degree programs, you’ll quickly get the know-how needed to become a relied on tech expert for any employer. We have you covered when it comes to networking, database and programming, as well as specialized programs in the areas you need to get noticed and hired at today’s leading companies. Whether you’re looking for a computer security or information systems degree online, NAU offers it all.

Careers in Information Technology

With the ever-changing and growing world of technology, today’s work force is in need of skilled professionals in this field. And that means they need you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The high demand for the services provided by this industry has created a large number of fast-growing and high-paying IT jobs.”