How to pay for school?

Financial Assistance

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After all, you’re here right now because you have a goal in mind to achieve something that will improve your life. And we support that goal by offering the roadmap to get there: with relevant, convenient degree programs. So to help you earn that degree, we’ll create a plan to help you afford your education one that works for your exact situation.


Undergraduate Tuition

The cost of undergraduate tuition is $363 CAD per credit hour plus taxes, fees, and books. We have many ways you can make your education more affordable by transferring up to 75% of your previous earned credits or work experience. Contact us to find how this can affect the time it takes to get your degree plus how much it will cost.

Graduate Tuition

Earning a graduate degree is more affordable than ever. The cost of the total program is $13,000 CAD. We offer scholarships and additional opportunities for you to earn your graduate degree.


NAU Canada Online is an approved university for Canadian federal and provincial funding to those who qualify.

Please call us at 855-210-5641 for more information or visit the link below that matches your Province.

You may also visit the Government of Canada website for additional information.


Getting a university degree can be more affordable than you think.

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