Master of Science


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Take your love for nursing to the next level.

At National American University (NAU), we share your passion for wanting to improve your patients’ quality of life. Now, you can share your expertise with future nurses. Our Master of Nursing degree program can prepare you to become a nurse educator and help others develop their skills and expertise.

You can assume a leadership role in staff development and participate in innovative programs in health education within a global environment.

Take your career as a healthcare provider to the next level and earn an advanced degree in the field of nursing.

Course highlights:

  • Program and curriculum
  • Pedagogy
  • Teaching and learning methods
  • Instructional design
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Nurse educator roles
Emphasis Areas

Gain the skills and knowledge to lead a team of qualified nurses.

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Some say, those who can, teach.

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Improve nursing practice and patient outcomes through data.

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